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Ordering and Shipping Information

We’re trying to keep the ordering and shipping process as simple as possible. We would like to have a “shopping cart” but because our products may have various options associated with them, that would be a real chore to implement. So we would suggest that you contact us at sales@hsmicrowave.com or on the phone at (530) 409-9782. This would also be the best way to get the accurate shipping costs, especially if there are multiple items.

(California Residents Must Include California Sales Tax at 8.0%)


1. If your ordering ONE item, and you’re a US customer, it’s easy.For products with shipping weight of 1 lb (0.45 kg) or less, it will ship via US Priority Mail for $7.50. So submit the total of the product price and the $7.50 shipping cost (plus 8.0% of the product price if you live in California) and you’re all set.

2. Now if you’re ordering options, multiple items, or you are an International customer, there is no easy way. You can estimate your shipping costs as described below under SHIPPING. Since the shipping of multiple items will be less than the sum of each items shipping weight stated - you must contact us for the accurate shipping cost for the order total.

Contact us at sales@hsmicrowave.com or by phone at 1-530-409-9782.


US Customers

You may order by personal check, money order, or PayPal - which is the easiest and preferred method. Our PayPal account is sales@hsmicrowave.com

When paying by check, a 10 day check clearing waiting period will occur before shipment is made.

International Customers

PayPal, or internationally recognized money order is the accepted method of payment for our international customers. Our PayPal account is sales@hsmicrowave.com


In an attempt to keep shipping costs at a minimum for our US and International customers, and after researching the delivery costs and delivery time for the major international carriers, we have determined that the US Postal Service Priority Mail offers the best overall value and speed since our products are small and relatively light weight.

But PLEASE NOTE! Priority Mail provides full tracking for deliveries to US customers. For International Priority Mail shipments, full tracking is usually not available. It depends on the country. It will track the shipment to the point of exit from the US. To date we have not lost an international shipment, but it could happen and we cannot assume responsibility for lost shipments. If your country has issues with small parcel delivery and you feel you must have tracking information, we have an account with FedEx and can ship using them. But you must get a shipment quote from us for their services and it will be added to you purchase.

US and International Customers

You can estimate your USPS shipping costs, go to www.usps.com/welcome.htm and navigate their site to determine your shipping costs. Our ZIP CODE is 95709. The approximate shipping weight is given for most of our products.

International customers and US customers with multiple item orders MUST contact us for shipping cost prior to submitting payment. Contact us at sales@hsmicrowave.com

(Rev 08/13/2019)